Status Report – September

Life has been full the last couple of weeks. My wife has gone out of town, I’ve had multiple church music services to plan and a two-day conference to attend here in Louisville, Kentucky. So Audio and writing projects have been put on the back burner. But here’s a status report as things stand currently.

Bladewielders Trilogy

The first half of book 1, entitled ‘First Blade’, is currently with my publisher, Josh Radke,¬†for what you might call an initial evaluation: checking up on the direction of the story, characterization, etc. I will soon receive it back with notes, meanwhile I’m proceeding apace with portions of the second half.

Starkeeper Sequel

I have begun putting scenes together on the sequel, though this is a slow process. I probably will not be done with it before the year is out, given other responsibilities.


I expect to be publishing new episodes of The Writing Crusade and The Star Wars Survival Guide in the next couple of days, and I have a clearer view of where I want those shows to go.

New Website

I have a new website in the works that I am preparing to launch, geared toward the church side of things.


I am picking away at two other properties here and there, plus there are two books I could edit and publish right away, I just have to work on collecting some more G.I. Joes to send to my cover artist as payment. Yo, Joe!

This is the status report. You may go about your business. Move along.

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