Welcome to the new site!

Thanks for stopping by to my new online home! I’m getting my web presence back on its feet now, and you can thank Scott Sigler’s great GoDaddy Coupon Codes for the impetus to get things back up and running officially. I got a year’s hosting and a dot-com for twelve bucks. It’s an insane deal! Add in an eight dollar dot-net and things are back up for barely over twenty dollars. If you’re considering starting a website, visit that link and get something going!

Watch this space as well as my Twitter and Google Plus profiles as I fire up the podcasting rig and start feeding your ears with all kinds of geekery, with more podcasts than are reasonable for me to host, and the long-awaited sequel to Star Wars – Codename: Starkeeper! Also, subscribe to my email list to stay informed as I foray further into independent publishing with more works of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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