Jim could never decide what he wanted to be when he grew up. Always entranced by the telling of stories, his most vivid memories from childhood are the movies and books he consumed as his escape from the doldrums of life.

He is currently a writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He first was published by Grail Quest Books, with “Firefight at Overwatch Command” and “The Titan Deception,” novellas based on characters and situations from the WARS Trading Card Game published by Decipher, Inc. He is currently working on an epic fantasy trilogy for Grail Quest, an independent series of Science Fiction shorts entitled “The Outlander Project,” as well as other pending independent titles.

He has hosted The Adventures of Indiana Jim since 2006 (though under a few different show names). He is an amateur voice actor, lending his voice to many different volunteer productions across the internet, and has produced two full-cast audio dramas. In 2009, his fan production Star Wars – Codename: Starkeeper was a finalist for a Parsec award at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia. It was also honored with six peer awards by the fan website Star Wars Fanworks.

He plays a few different musical instruments and has been a stage actor, singer, arranger, conductor and band leader, all of the predominantly amateur variety. He makes his home in Southern Indiana with his wife of nineteen years and three children.

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