Welcome to the new site!

Thanks for stopping by to my new online home! I’m getting my web presence back on its feet now, and you can thank Scott Sigler’s great GoDaddy Coupon Codes for the impetus to get things back up and running officially. I got a year’s hosting and a dot-com for twelve bucks. It’s an insane deal! Add in an eight dollar dot-net and things are back up for barely over twenty dollars. If you’re considering starting a website, visit that link and get something going!

Watch this space as well as my Twitter and Google Plus profiles as I fire up the podcasting rig and start feeding your ears with all kinds of geekery, with more podcasts than are reasonable for me to host, and the long-awaited sequel to Star Wars – Codename: Starkeeper! Also, subscribe to my email list to stay informed as I foray further into independent publishing with more works of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Status Report – September

Life has been full the last couple of weeks. My wife has gone out of town, I’ve had multiple church music services to plan and a two-day conference to attend here in Louisville, Kentucky. So Audio and writing projects have been put on the back burner. But here’s a status report as things stand currently.

Bladewielders Trilogy

The first half of book 1, entitled ‘First Blade’, is currently with my publisher, Josh Radke, for what you might call an initial evaluation: checking up on the direction of the story, characterization, etc. I will soon receive it back with notes, meanwhile I’m proceeding apace with portions of the second half.

Starkeeper Sequel

I have begun putting scenes together on the sequel, though this is a slow process. I probably will not be done with it before the year is out, given other responsibilities.


I expect to be publishing new episodes of The Writing Crusade and The Star Wars Survival Guide in the next couple of days, and I have a clearer view of where I want those shows to go.

New Website

I have a new website in the works that I am preparing to launch, geared toward the church side of things.


I am picking away at two other properties here and there, plus there are two books I could edit and publish right away, I just have to work on collecting some more G.I. Joes to send to my cover artist as payment. Yo, Joe!

This is the status report. You may go about your business. Move along.

Principal Cast Audio Complete

I have received the last of the audio from my principal cast members, and so now begins the work of editing it all together! First comes the recording of my lines, as the main character (that’s usually important), then splicing scenes together, then music, followed by the sound effects mixing. Often the length of the music cue determines the effect used, especially when considering transition scenes, which typically involve ship landing/takeoff sequences. Anyway that’s the latest!

Starkeeper Sequel Update

The script is finished, principal casting is complete, and initial recording has begun! I’m slowly working my way through character lines that I’ve received, and overall I am impressed with the quality of recording and performance from all actors. Which is, of course, the point of doing your principal casting well! Anyway, here is a synopsis and principal cast list, and I’ll be back with further updates.

Star Wars: Secrets Never Sleep
A Codename: Starkeeper Adventure

Written and Produced by Jim Perry

In the aftermath of the Empire’s defeat at Endor, Imperial Intelligence Director YSANNE ISARD struggles to reclaim the reins of control. To that end, she knows she must control the flow of intelligence throughout the galaxy. Now known as a Rebel sympathizer, MORGAN STARK–known in circles both savory and unsavory simply as “The Starkeeper”–has acquired a significant target on his back. Limiting his courier operations to Hutt Space, he has been able to forestall Imperial entanglements, but no longer. Isard’s efforts have put long-time friend HAJ DECLYNN on the run from Imperial operatives. Meanwhile Stark’s wife, Jedi wilder KARIYA DORIN has been frustrated with her lack of ability to train as a Jedi, and the pull of the Dark Side–and her home planet of Dathomir–looms ever-present. Stark must enlist the aid of JAELYN RESSIRI, an old flame from his past, and AVARO HOODO, a Rodian who always wanted to work with the Starkeeper, to keep himself and his friends out of Isard’s clutches, and her secret Imperial prisons.


Jim Perry Morgan Stark aka the Starkeeper
Silas Carder Kariya Dorin, a Jedi wilder
Jane Bell Jaelyn Ressiri
Nathan P. Butler Avaro Hoodo, a Rodian
Christopher Walker Agent Jekel
Chris Dickey Haj Declynn
Steve Saylor Arborn Xel, a Dark Jedi
Valina Cutler Ysanne Isard, Director, Imperial Intelligence
Michael Spence Carrell Dorin
Andrew Gilbertson Dirk Harkness
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