Codename: Starkeeper 2


Star Wars: Secrets Never Sleep is the long-awaited sequel to the Award-Winning and nominated Star Wars – Codename: Starkeeper. It is a full-cast audio drama written, directed and produced by Jim Perry.

Since the events of Codename: Starkeeper, Morgan Stark and his wife, Kariya Dorin, have been keeping a low profile. Imperial Director of Intelligence, Ysanne Isard, has been tightening the noose around loose ends in the intelligence community, and when something tragic occurs that sends an old friend on the run, they find themselves directly in her crosshairs. Old secrets come out into the open, and the Starkeeper finds himself in more jeopardy than ever.

It’s an adventure that sprawls from the dingy spaceports of Nar Shadaa, to the seedy underbelly of Ord Cantrell, to the black sands of Socorro, to the industrial complex of Christophsis and strange points unkown. Featuring a cast of teriffic voice actors, Secrets Never Sleep supplies the action, intrigue, and campy humor worthy of the name Star Wars.

The setting is in the Legends timeline, after the events of the Return of the Jedi. Certain characters and settings are from Expanded Universe novels by Michael A. Stackpole and Timothy Zahn.

The Cast features the return of Indiana Jim, Silas Carder, Steve Saylor and Chris Dickey to their roles, as well as some new voices. Chief among them, we are happy to welcome to the project Nathan P. Butler. He is the founder of Star Wars Fanworks, creator of the Star Wars Timeline Gold, long-time host of Chrono Radio, one of the earliest Star Wars podcasts, and co-creator of one of the earliest fan-made Star Wars Audio Dramas, Star Wars: Second Strike. He wrote a story for Star Wars Tales called Equals and Opposites, and is currently the co-host of The Star Wars Report: Beyond the Films, as well as Cloud City Casino. Often called on for cameos, this is his first starring voice role in a Star Wars Audio Drama since Second Strike.

Valina Cutler has done voice work for The Mad Poet Files, Flying Island Press, Star Trek: Section 31, Angel Between the Lines, and The 4077th Productions, just to name a few. She possesses a wide acting range, with a robust, sultry quality to her voice. Jane Bell is someone Jim Perry has been looking forward to working with for a while. She auditioned for a role in The Last Guardians, a now-defunct audio book project, but forthcoming novel. While the project has not come to light, we welcome this opportunity to present her talents to the world!

It stars the following actors:

  • Jim Perry as Morgan Stark
  • Silas Carder as Kariya Dorin
  • Nathan P. Butler as Avaro Hoodo
  • Jane Bell as Jaelyn Ressiri
  • Steve Saylor as Arborn Xel
  • Chris Dickey as Haj Declynn
  • S.W. Christopher as Agent Jekel
  • Valina Cutler as Ysanne Isard
  • Andrew Gilbertson as Dirk Harkness
  • Michael Spence as Carrel Dorin

Additional voices by:

  • Joe Harrison
  • Jim Perry
  • Timothy Harrison

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