Production Services

Production Services

If you are a podcaster, you probably would rather focus on the creation of content and building your audience than worry about editing the conversation or monologue you just spent valuable time recording. You just need a clean finished file in a short amount of time, and maybe this just isn’t your area of expertise. This is where I come in. Check out my rates, read the description of services, then contact me and let’s get working together!

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Podcast Services

* Weekly episodes with occasional 5th release

** Full-cast Audio Dramas/Radio Plays with multiple voices, sound effects and scoring. All audio provided by client.

A la Carte Services

* 1 hour billed minimum

Audio Edit

I will edit your audio to the same professional standard I set for my own podcasts. No limitation on “ums” or pauses, or other mistakes that may appear in the rough audio, and the best noise reduction that can be achieved with your source. You simply decide how detailed you want this edit to be. Discounts may apply if your source audio is clean, or if you simply want a touch-up.

This also includes placement of your intro/outro, ads, ID3 tags and appropriate image placement, as well as uploading to the location of your choice. You simply supply the audio and image files, pertinent show information and supply access/FTP credentials.

The price per episode is based on finished audio delivered to the client, billed at one hour minimum. Monthly rates are based on a weekly release schedule, accounting for certain months where a fifth episode is released. For shows released on a monthly or biweekly basis, standard rates apply.

Simple Show Notes

Simple show notes includes up to a few-paragraph summary of the episode’s content or a list of topics discussed–or both if applicable–links to pertinent references and contact information.

Advanced Show Notes

These will consist of a detailed outline of the show’s content with time stamps and links.

Basic Intros/Outros

I will record a basic introduction and outro for your podcast, complete with any royalty-free music of your choice.

Voice Talent

Recruit me to record your script, whether a professional voice-over or a dramatic performance.


This is specifically for the podcaster or voice actor that wants to up their game, especially with public speaking. Maybe you just need some encouragement from someone with a decade of experience in podcasting. Perhaps you’re facing some trouble getting that full-cast production off the ground, and you need help either casting your project or writing the script. Contact me today!


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